Wellesley Park Curriculum
Wellesley Park Primary School offers a broad and balanced curriculum. As well as teaching key skills in English and Maths, the pupils are encouraged to tackle problems and work independently in all subjects. All National Curriculum subjects are taught, including French in Key Stage 2. In addition, we offer Forest school sessions for our pupils.
Maths and English are taught explicitly on a daily basis, but children have opportunities to apply the skills of reading, writing and Maths to a range of different subjects which ensures they experience a cross-curricular approach to learning. R.E, P.E and French are also taught separately, but when there are relevant links to a theme these will be made.
At Wellesley Park, our Reception classes follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The EYFS sets standards for learning in settings from ages 2 to 5. These standards are set out in the Statutory framework for the EYFS and can be found here:

Children in Year 1 through to Year 6 are taught using the themed learning units from the Edison Connected curriculum which is aligned to the National Curriculum 2014. In Key Stage 1 (5-7 age range) and Key Stage 2 (7 - 11 age range), the Curriculum map is divided into 6 sections.

Edison overview map
The teaching of RE follows Somerset's agreed syllabi for RE. Parents may exercise their right of withdrawal from religious worship and instruction.

Cross-curricular links will be made between subjects, where appropriate, and the Core Learning skills curriculum provides PSHE (Personal, Social and Health) education opportunities within the Connected Curriculum. We also hold themed weeks where there is a particular focus on Maths, Science or English.

Computing is taught using the Rising Stars ‘Switched On Computing’ scheme. The units are aligned with the Edison Connected Curriculum.

All children in Key Stage 2 are taught French each week following the i-languages scheme. Each year a ‘French’ day is held for the whole school to enrich language learning and experience of other cultures. On this day, a French teacher from the local secondary school attends with past pupils.

Children receive 2 hours of PE each week over the course of the school year which includes swimming for Key Stage 2 children on a rota basis. Each year group attends sports festivals with other local primary schools and we take part in many local sporting tournaments throughout the county.

From Reception through to Year 6, opportunities will be taken to extend the curriculum beyond the statutory requirements through the use of educational visits out of school, parents, visitors, musicians, and through the use of the school grounds, the locality and the wider environment.

English Overview 2018-19

We follow the Early Years Foundation stage in EYFS and the National Curriculum for all other year groups.

During EYFS (Reception), children are taught through the ‘Communication and Language’ area of learning. Emphasis is placed on children learning through practical experiences and developing the building blocks for reading, writing, speaking and listening.

During Key Stage 1 and 2, where possible, learning is based on a cross-curricular approach. End of Key Stage Assessments (SATs) take place in Year 2 and Year 6.

At Wellesley Park Primary School, we teach phonics using the reputed Read Write Inc. scheme. As the children progress through the early stages of acquiring phonics, they practise their skills by reading texts that contain decodable words.

As the children develop their knowledge of letter/sound correspondences and can blend words, they are encouraged to read from a range of books which are colour banded. These books are selected to give children experience of reading a wide variety of texts and genres including both fiction and non-fiction.

All children are encouraged to read independently for enjoyment and pleasure, and once they become ‘Free’ readers, the children can choose books from the School Library. In addition, the children have regular guided reading sessions in class which focus on developing comprehension skills.

During writing sessions there is a balance between the teaching of SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) and more extended pieces of writing. The SPaG work is applied in different writing contexts and each year group writes a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

In Year 1, children are taught to write simple sentences and to write short descriptions or stories.

In Year 2, children are encouraged to write more extended pieces of writing in different genres and to check that their writing makes sense and to edit their work. They are beginning to organise their writing into paragraphs.

In Lower Key Stage 2, children are continuing to use paragraphs to organise their writing and to select more adventurous vocabulary.

Maths Overview 2018-2019
At Wellesley Park, our goal is to teach mathematics in many creative and exciting ways - through written and spoken activities, game playing and technology, real-life, practical application and engaging problem solving. We aim for the children to be competent and independent mathematicians who can use and apply their skills in all areas of life. Maths teaching is enjoyable, challenging and purposeful across all year groups. We promote a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards learning so that children can achieve and feel successful. We aim to teach resilience and perseverance so that children can approach a maths problem with confidence and flexible thinking.

All staff follow the White Rose Hub Curriculum Plan, in accordance with the National Curriculum, in order to cover mathematical topics in depth and with appropriate levels of challenge. We also follow our school’s Maths Policy, which comprises of our Calculation and Fractions Guidance, in order to achieve consistency in progression of mathematical skills taught and embedded.

All staff assess through Pupil Tracker, which informs us of progress, as well as clear and precise next steps in learning, of individual children and groups, which then informs our future planning.

To embed reasoning and problem solving, staff use the following resources to ensure all children have the opportunity to engage and develop these skills in different contexts:

    Everyday Reasoning and Problem Solving
    NCETM Reasoning Questions
    White Rose Hub Planning SOL Mastery in More Detail
    Maths Mastery with Greater Depth (Y2 and Y6)
    NRich Website

… and many more.

EYFS Curriculum Statement
At Wellesley Park, our Reception classes follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The EYFS sets standards for learning in settings from ages 2 to 5. These standards are set out in the Statutory framework for the EYFS and can be found here: EYFS Statutory Framework. (Can you link that EYFS statutory framework wording to this document.

Children will be mostly taught through games and play in the following areas:

    communication and language
    physical development
    personal, social and emotional development
    understanding the world
    expressive arts and design

The progress of all children will be reviewed at the end of the Reception school year. These assessments are based on classroom observations – children will not be expected to sit a test.

Spag Glossary (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) 2016