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Year 6 - Montagues

Welcome to the summer to all Year 6!


Our topic this term will be 'The Lady of Shalott'.  It is a literacy focus and the children will be exploring this classic poetic work by Lord Alfred Tennyson in order to expand their vocabulary and imagination.  There will be links to illuminated letters in art; to the medieval dance the pavane in PE; and to medieval structures such as castles and manor houses.  The magic of Camelot we are sure will inspire the children to experiment with taking this classic poem into different genres.


Mr Parsons and Mr McFadzean will continue to take the children for PE, which will include the traditional summer sports of athletics, rounders, cricket and tennis.  We would like toremind the children that they needthe appropriate indoor and outdoor clothing and footwear.


Mill on the Brue is fast approaching.  A check list will be sent out soon and any questions about the trip we are happy to answer.


This is the SATS term.  Can we ask you to keep the children in school for the week beginning Monday 11th May.  It is imperative that the children are well rested and have a hearty breakfast on these days to help them concentrate and do their best. 


Homework will be given out to the children depending on their needs.  We do expect daily reading, help with learning multiplication facts, support with online practice and the children will be expected to learn the weekly spelling test.


Looking forward to a busy but enjoyable term.


Thanks for your support.

Welcome to Year 6 - Montagues!

Welcome back to school everyone and I hope you feel you are back into the swing of things.


This term's topic has proved to be a real hit - 'Why do some creatures no longer exist?' We have been researching well-known naturalists such as Chris Packham and unearthing exciting facts about Charles Darwin and his mind-blowing theories about the origin of man. This term we are working hard on developing your independence and it has been wonderful to see your confidence grow as you take on research tasks in the order YOU choose and present your findings in a range of ways.


Homework is looking a little different this term too. We have set you a 6-week project all about extinct animals which we hope you will really enjoy. Remember, you can choose any creature you want and the presentation is up to you too: Powerpoint, 3-d structure, illustrations.... you could even knit your creature if you wanted to! All we ask is that you spend some time researching facts about your creature and that you spend at least 6 hours on this homework. Maths work will be set when we feel it is necessary but we still expect you to read most days and to practise your spellings for the weekly test. You will also need to keep learning or revising your multiplication facts. Remember, they are vitally important to your learning in Year 6.


In RE, the focus of your learning will be Islam. It is clear from our starting discussions that most of you have only a limited knowledge of this faith so it is going to be exciting to see you soak up those facts and start making links between faiths that you know.


On March 27th we have been invited to sing at Wellington School as part of the 'Come and Sing' afternoon and I am hoping that I will be able to take the full quota of 20 children that I am allowed. Please get your forms in quickly if you are interested in taking part. It is an INSET day really but Mrs Gabriel is keen for us to go and make some serious noise!


Thank you









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