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Year 6

Song 1 - The Christmas Code!

Song 1 - The Christmas Code!

Song 2 - Precious and Holy

Song 3 - Three Wise Men

Song 4 - Sleep in Peace

Song 5 - Glory to the Lord!

Song 6 - The Christmas Code (reprise)

Indian dance workshop

Indian dance workshop  1
Indian dance workshop  2
Indian dance workshop  3
Indian dance workshop  4
Indian dance workshop  5
Indian dance workshop  6

Hello and welcome to the Year 6 Akela and Bagheera class page. This page is designed to share any news or events that the children are taking part in, as well as an opportunity to share children's achievements. Year 6 is a year with challenges and responsibilities, as well as excitement and enjoyment - all we ask is that the children give it their best shot, ask if they are not sure and begin to take a bit more responsibility for their own learning. 


PE will be on Monday and Friday afternoons for Bagheera and on Wednesday and Friday afternoons for Akela. 


We expect the children to be reading at least 4 times a week, if not every day. We have tweaked the book bingo slightly from year 5 and our hope is that children will continue to  develop a love of reading which will broaden their imagination, challenge their thinking as well as expand their vocabulary. The children are aware of what they are required to record in their Home School Contact Books.


Our topic for this half term is ‘Out of this World – What’s out there?’ and will involve research and investigations about space. We have already enjoyed a fantastic visit from the  Planetarium  which was a great way to start our topic.


in English we will be aligning our written work to this 'out of this world'  theme with biographies, explanation texts and stories set in space. Our class novel, and guided reading book, for this term is 'George's secret key to the universe,' by Lucy and Stephen Hawkings. 


Spellings will continue to be tested on a Friday which is also when homework will be handed out and collected in. Homework will include the 4 reads, spellings and either a maths or an English piece of work.  This term we will also have our space-themed project - more details to follow. 


Any questions or queries please do not hesitate to write in their Home School Books or pop in for a chat. Alternatively you could email the office and we will endeavour to respond to your query within 48hours. 


Mrs Murphy, Mrs Whittle, Mrs Sibley and Mrs Stevens