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Year 5 - Thorin

Summer term

Welcome back to a new term this term are topic is fairground and May 6th we are going to go to Dingles fairground.



maths 1 Harry and Grace mathematician of the week 25.4.16
maths 2 Leona mathematician of the week 18.4,16

World book day work

world book day!!!

world book day!!! 1

world book day!!!

world book day!!! 1
world book day!!! 2
world book day!!! 3
world book day!!! 4

Our FANTASTIC lake posters

Dear parents,

This is the shortest half term of the school year and we’ve packed it full of learning opportunities for the children.  Our topic this half term is focused on Lakes of America, where the children will be comparing life in Wellington with locations around the Great Lakes.  The first week will be a curriculum week where we will immerse ourselves in the topic, exploring elements of physical and human geography.  Hopefully the children will keep you informed about this.


Next week it is book week and a letter has gone out to all about the events of this week.  We will be exploring some stories from around the world as part of this event.

The final two full weeks of the half term we will be having a maths focus because the first two have a literacy theme.  It is an opportunity to investigate and problem solve in a variety of ways.  


Homework will be of a maths based theme supporting work completed in class.  It will be given out on a Tuesday and needs to be returned the following Tuesday.  Spelling day will be on a Friday.  At the moment all the Year 5 are in the middle of a reading genre challenge – speak to the children about what this means!


If there are any problems then please contact any of the Year 5 team who will be happy to help.

Spelling spring term 2 2016

Year 5's WW1 Exhibition December 2015

First things first ...getting ourselves sorted

.... Harry Potter style!

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Welcome to the new school year!

We hope the children are looking forward to their time in Year 5.  Over the year, Mrs Sibley will be teaching Galadriel and Mr Priestley Thorin, except for Wednesday where Miss Anderson will be in class whilst Mr Priestley completes his Deputy Head duties.  Mrs Clarke is our teaching assistant and will be working with the children during the mornings.   During the year both Year 5 classes will be working closely together, and the children can expect either teacher for maths and literacy – they will be informed in the next few weeks which group they will be in. 

The children will need to have their PE kits in at all times.  This will need to include indoor and outdoor clothing for the coming term.  If children have recently had ears pierced, they will need to bring plasters or tape into school to cover them during the period where they cannot be removed.  Separate outdoor shoes will be needed for break times which can be stored in the cloakrooms.  The children will not be allowed on the field without them.  The PE sessions will be delivered by Mr Parsons and Mr McFadzean, along with the class teachers on occasions.

All the spellings for the half term will be given to the children on Friday.  Each week there will be a test and then teaching of the new spellings.  There is an expectation that the children read as much as possible at home, recording their efforts into the home school diary, which will be checked weekly.  As year 5 children, they are responsible enough to record themselves, but comments about reading from the parents will be appreciated and is useful for assessment.  The home school diaries can also be used for communication between home and school.

This term, the children’s topic in Year 5 will be ‘Mysterious Materials’.  It is a science based topic, although we will be linking it to the work of JK Rowling in a variety of ways.  Our Curriculum Week will hopefully inspire the children to some great work this half term.

If there are any queries or problems please do not hesitate to come into class and share them with myself or one of the Year 5 team.

We are much looking forward to the year and hope the children have an exciting and rewarding time in Year 5.


Mr Priestley and Mrs Sibley