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Year 4 - Gryffindor

Winners of The Italy Brochure Presentation! July 2016 Amy, Elena and Lucy

Winners of The Italy Brochure Presentation! July 2016 Amy, Elena and Lucy 1 Fancy a trip to Italy!
Winners of The Italy Brochure Presentation! July 2016 Amy, Elena and Lucy 2 Well done to Lucy, Elena, Ella and Amy!

Welcome back to the Summer Term

We have another action packed half term leading up to a week off and then camping at Wildside!

Our theme for this half term is: What happens inside us?

We shall be finding out about teeth, our major organs - how they work and their job; what happens before and during exercise as well as lots of other aspects of fitness and healthy eating.

In Maths we shall be continuing with a focus on Number and Problem solving and also Statistics, Area and Perimeter.  We shall be regularly testing your children on their times tables up to 12 x 12 so you're still unsure, get practising!

Our PE is Swimming, Dodgeball and Athletics this half term.

In Literacy we shall be researching our theme and writing non-fiction texts as well as continuing with our story writing with a focus on paragraphs, punctuation and grammar.

We have set a 3 week homework to start the term, which you have hopefully started.  

As ever, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to come and speak to me before or after school or make an appointment with the office.

Welcome back to the second half of the Spring Term 2016!


I hope you had a lovely half term.  This half term is a very short one - only 4 and a half weeks! Our theme is 'View from a Railway Carriage'. This is primarily an art based topic, where we will be exploring landscape art of both past, present and future. In Literacy we shall research various poetry and stories with a link to travel.  Our Maths for the half term will focus on times tables, Statistics (data, bar and line charts) and decimals as well as practicing our arithmetic skills.


PE for Gryffindor class will be on a Monday and a Wednesday.

Weekly spellings have been given out and they will be tested on a Friday. We shall continue with our Wednesday clarinet lessons with Miss Eveleigh.


Thank you, as ever, for the continued support which is given to your children and for the smiles given at the end of the day. Please come in before or after school if there is anything you want to ask or tell me.


PS don't forget about Book Week (week 2) - and dressing up on the Friday 4th March. I have my costume ready and I can't wait to get dressed up.


Mr Harry Foster

Spring Term 2016

Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, didn't eat too much and are now looking forward to 2016.  The children have come back very enthusiastic about this term's topic which is: 'Should we stop eating chocolate?'  Obviously their automatic answer has been an overwhelming 'NO!'  Over the next 5 weeks we shall be looking at chocolate packaging, graphics, ingredients, nutritional values as well as designing our own chocolates, making them and putting them in uniquely designed boxes.  

Our Literacy will start by reading some poems about chocolate to get our taste buds going, some non-fiction writing; finding our where and how chocolate is made and also links to the story, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. 

In Maths we shall continue with number as our biggest focus but also work on Data, Perimeter, Area and Fractions.

Mr Foster/Mr Parsons will be taking PE for the classes and Mrs Doidge will focus on SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and ICT.

We shall be continuing with our weekly clarinet lessons - the children are really coming on. It's amazing to see how the majority of them couldn't read music but they can name notes and read them very confidently.   


As ever we would like the children to read lots of home - the school expectation is 4 times a week as well as learning their weekly spellings.  We shall continue to collect home-school contact books on a Friday to check their reading and give out/collect weekly homework.


If there is anything you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate in coming in before or after school or you can make an appointment via the office.

Parents evening will be at the end of this half term - please see the diary dates on the website for more details.


Happy New Year!

Mr Foster smiley

We have just started the 2nd week of the Autumn Term.  This week we have a Maths themed week with all things connected to shape! You are invited to work alongside your child on Tuesday 10th November between 9 and 10am! 

The children are really enjoyed learning about The Vikings and have written some fantastic descriptive pieces of writing in literacy.  

In Maths they are focusing on Multiplication and Division and then moving onto Fractions.

Remember on Tuesday 17th November we have a real Viking coming to visit us! Photos to follow.  As well as that we also have our much anticipated Christmas play - Stable Manners!

As ever, if you have any concerns or worries please come in before or after school or make an appointment via the office.


Many thanks

Harry Foster

We have been writing stories using Emoji's! Great fun! :)

We have been writing stories using Emoji's! Great fun! :) 1
We have been writing stories using Emoji's! Great fun! :) 2
We have been writing stories using Emoji's! Great fun! :) 3
We have been writing stories using Emoji's! Great fun! :) 4

Welcome to Year 4

We are Hufflepuff with Mrs Doidge and Gryffindor with Mr Foster. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Palfrey.


This half term we are going to be learning about 'How we see and how we hear'. We shall be linking our Science work with Literacy and writing our own unique versions of Jack and the beanstalk, designing characters and making shadow puppet theatres!

In Maths your child will either be with Mrs Doidge or Mr Foster depending on their ability.  We try to make our Maths lessons as practical and fun as possible.  One of the outcomes of Year 4 is that all children need to know their times tables up to 12x12 so make sure you are practising at home!



There will be 2 project based tasks over the year; and either Literacy or Numeracy given out weekly.  These will be open-ended investigation type pieces of work.

We expect all the children to read 4 times during the week and for them (not parents!) to write in their home-school contact books sharing what they have read.


The Archie Project

The Year 4's will be doing some work and activities linked to The Archie Project this year.  They will find out about a character called Archie who has Dementia. 



This half term we have swimming on Mondays and Mr Foster's class has PE on a Wednesday and Mrs Doidge's class PE on a Friday. 


We hope that has given you a little taster of what Year 4 wil be doing.  Please do come in first thing in the moring or at the end of the day if you need to ask any questions or let us know something or if you can't do that, jot any messages in your child's home-school contact books.


Please remember to look back here often because we will be putting photos of what the children have been doing.

There is also out TWITTER page to follow:



Mrs Doidge and Mr Foster smiley