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Year 3 - BFG

Welcome to Year 3 - The BFG!

We hope that you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the glorious weather!

This half term our topic is entitled How can we make living here better for everyone?  This is a Geography based topic which will consider many aspects of our local environment - including what the children like about their local area and the things that they would like to improve.  It will involve looking at some maps on the local area, as well as the children making their own maps.


Within this topic, there is also a particular focus on collecting information from a variety of sources.  The children will be researching the local area on the internet and the children designing and completing their own surveys and recording this information.  The children will also be looking at some of the history within their local area through investigating maps.  If you have any information about the history of the local area we would love to hear from you!


In Science we will be looking at investigating materials, with a particular focus on investigating how materials are obtained and used. 


Through our Literacy sessions the children will be working on their report writing skills, as well as looking at the features of newspaper writing, with a particular focus on how people write to complain or show their concerns about something.


Within Numeracy we will be continuing to work on using the four main operations, including some expanded and compact addition, subtraction and multiplication.  We will be looking at doubling and halving figures, as well as some work on shapes, space and measure.


Mr Foster

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