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Year 3

Happy New Year. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and we are looking forward to the term ahead.


This term our topic is entitled ‘Let’s go on an adventure’. This is a Geography and History based topic, which will look at Guatemala and the History of the Mayan Culture. We will be making comparisons between where we live and Guatemala, as well as comparing the Mayans and the Egyptians. Through this topic we will also be looking at Pushes and Pulls within Science, which will include work on friction and measuring forces.


Throughout our English sessions this half term, we will be looking at recount writing and narrative writing. This will include looking at fronted adverbials and subordinating conjunctions. In our SPAG sessions, we will be looking at apostrophes for singular and plural possession, as well as reinforcing our work on fronted adverbials and the use of inverted commas. Within our Guided Reading sessions, we will be reading ‘Stig of the dump’ and discussing the vocabulary used within this, as well as answering questions about the text.


Within Maths, we will be focussing on multiplying two digit numbers with single digit numbers, using the expanded comma method. We will also be looking at how to use money and how to read and interpret information on graphs and tables.


Our Art and Design work this half term will focus on making puppets to use when recreating the Mayan Creation story.


In RE, we will be looking at the Jewish religion. This will include looking inside a synagogue, the different celebrations that people will experience and stories associated with the Jewish religion.


Within French we will be looking at how to say and write sentences about animals, using numbers and colours. We will also be introducing the concept of gender to their French work.


If you have any queries or concerns, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Claire Merritt         Vicky Pilling           Hannah Bardle