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Year 2 - Mrs Tiggywinkle

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Welcome to the second part of the summer term! We hope that you all enjoyed the half term holidays whether you were at home or away and with luck, the fine weather will continue !


This half term our topic is ‘How did families have fun in the past? (The Seaside) We will be comparing the past with the present, studying maps and geological features and much of our written work will have this focus for the next few weeks.


Within Literacy we will continuing to work on adding noun phrases and suffixes to our writing, as well as a variety of punctuation.  We will be encouraging the children to check their writing using a dictionary and revisit their work to make improvements.  As part of our focus, we will also be looking at poetry – learning some off by heart and revisiting favourite rhymes.


We will be continuing with our guided reading groups and reading comprehension tasks. Thank you for supporting us regarding the four ‘home reads’ each week and please could this continue until we break up in July.


We shall be carrying on with spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) and the spelling lists will be sent home as usual. The terminology that we have been using will be revised regularly. This will include verbs, adverbs, nouns, adjectives, conjunctions, noun phrases, contractions and the apostrophe for possession.


Within Numeracy we will be revisiting our work on number and working on applying this within word problems.  We will be looking at using the more and less than signs, as well as revisiting measurement using different scales.


In science we will be looking at what plants need to grow and stay healthy and watching seeds grow into mature plants.


Our P.E focus will remain athletics and will hopefully take place on the field this half term.


The core learning skills theme will be ‘Understanding ways that I can support my learning’.


Thank you for all your support.


The Year 2 Teachers.