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Who's Who

Welcome to Wellesley Park Primary School. On this page you will be able to find out who is who and what their responsibilities are.

Our school is part of The Castle Partnership Trust.

Mrs Sarah Watson - Executive Head

Mrs Sheila Naylor - Chair of Governors


Senior Leadership Team:

Mrs Carly Wilkins - Headteacher

Mr Mark Carter - Assistant Head; Key Stage 1 and EYFS Lead including Pre-school, English Lead

Mrs Emma Sibley - Assistant Head; Head of Inclusion, Deputy Child Protection Lead.

Mrs Francesca Murphy - Assistant Head;  Key Stage 2 Lead, Maths Lead, computing.

Mrs Clair Owen - SENCO


Safeguarding Team:

Mrs Carly Wilkins - Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Emma Sibley - Safeguarding Deputy

Miss Tracy Sumner - Early Years Safeguarding Lead

Mr Anthony Goble (Somerset County Council) - LADO 


Teaching Staff:


Mr Mark Carter (Gruffalo) - See above (Mrs Anita Curtis and Mrs Kay Gladstone-Smith)

Miss Nadine Winsor (Elmer) - School Council


Year 1 

Miss Jane Billing (Kipper) - Maths (KS1)

Mrs Abi Foot - Art and Design Technology

Ms Debbie Liddell (Maternity Cover from January 2019 for Mrs Foot)


Year 2

Mrs Ruth Weston (Tiggywinkle) - Reading

Mrs Vicky Pilling (Peter Rabbit - Mon-Wed) - RE

Mrs Alison Preece (Peter Rabbit - Thursday, Friday)


Year 3

Mrs Claire Merritt (Matilda) - Esafety, Computing, website

Mr Tom Doyle (BFG - Monday) 

Miss Hannah Bardle (BFG - Tuesday - Friday) - Music


Year 4

Miss Mrozinski (Hufflepuff) 

Mrs Jo Harris (Gryffindor) - Science and Eco Schools


Year 5

Mrs Fiona Doidge (Galadriel) -Art and Design Technology

Mr Leigh Morris (Thorin) - Geography, History and French



Year 6 

Mrs Francesca Murphy (Bagheera) - Assistant Head, Key Stage 2 Leader, Maths Lead.

Mrs Katie Whittle (Bagheera - Thursday, Friday)

Mrs Emma Sibley (Akela) - Head of inclusion

Mrs Naomi Stevens (Akela - Thursday, Friday)


Other staff with responsibilities:

Mrs Annie Matthews - Risk Assessment & Attendance of pupils

Mrs Pam Jones - Supply co-ordinator


Teaching Assistants:
Pam Jones - Supply Co-ordinator - EYFS

Elaine Richings - EYFS

Anna Wrightson - Year 1

Sarah Higby - Year 1

Pauline Sampson - Year 1

Ellie McEvoy - Year 2

Diane Jordan - Year 3

Hellie Hendzel - Year 3 and inclusion team

Maggie Wishart - Year 4

Lisa Thomas - Year 4

Kay-Gladstone-Smith - Year 5 and ELSA

Sarah Richards - Year 5

Amanda Kent - Year 6

Office Staff

Mrs Matthews - Risk Assessment & Attendance of Pupils

Miss Zara Atri - Admin Assistant


Midday Supervisors
Elaine Richings

Pam Opie

Melissa Duffy

Pauline Sampson
Diane Jordan
Linda Hine

Inga Critchard
Sally McCririck
Sally Almond
Denise Poole
Anna Wrightson

Hellie Hendzel

Lucy Newberry

Lisa Hall

Clair Taylor


Cindy Vale

Lucy Newberry

Lisa Thomas