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What have we been up to this week?

Week beginning 10th July


Today we started by writing about our visit to the beach for Super Sentences. Mr Carter chose Reece as the Gruffalo Super Sentence Writer of the Week and Mrs Curtis chose Tegan for the Elmers. We all came together to talk about our exciting day before getting changed for PE. Mrs Jones and Ms Richings played some circle games with us while Mrs Curtis and Mr Carter went to see one of next year's Elmers! We all then went with Mr Parsons for PE and played lots of games on the field along with some of the 'big' children who were in school on work experience. We went back to Mr Parsons after play before coming back to the classroom to get ready for lunch.


In the afternoon we did the register before getting changed back into our uniform. We talked about our Stay and Play session and then got our home time things. We all went outside for a playtime with the Year 1s and 2s before coming back in and getting our things. We all went to our Year 1 classrooms and lots of us were lucky to have our family or friends to come and play with us for the afternoon! It was really good fun to explore the new classrooms and make resources ready for next year! Thanks to everyone who came!



On Tuesday and Wednesday Mrs Curtis and Mr Carter spent the days visiting next year's Elmers and Gruffalos at their houses. We spent the time writing and making paintings about our first year at school. We wrote about what we have enjoyed this year, what we are good at and what we would like to improve. We painted pictures of things that we have enjoyed and wrote a sentence about them so that we can show the new Elmers and Gruffalos what they might enjoy doing! We made cards, enjoyed playing games and doing PE with Mr Parsons and squeezed some time watching tv! (Shhh!). We also wrote about The Train Ride story, coloured pictures and sequenced things that happened in the story. We also said goodbye to Stui who had his last day on Wednesday - enjoy your holiday, we'll see you in September!

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Week beginning 6th July 2015


Today we started with our Rainbow Fish Super Sentences before coming together to share some of the things we have been doing at home. Mrs Curtis showed us the video of the Underground after her trip to London and this led to lots of us discussing what we knew about World War 2 (because someone knew that people hid in the underground!). We all got changed for PE and Mr Parsons took the Elmers while the Gruffalos played some circle games to do with our Speaking and Listening Core Learning Skill. After play we swapped over before we had lunch.


In the afternoon we swapped around to practise our songs for the house singing competition. We also go the chance to practise in the hall before going outside for a playtime. When we came back in we got out home time things before going to an assembly with Mrs Curtis and Mr Carter. They told us all about the Summer Reading Challenge!



On Tuesday it was our trip to Minehead beach! We went on the coach to the train station and got onto the steam train! We travelled all the way to Minehead (being most excited to have snack!) and when the train stopped in the station we got off and walked along the sea front. We stopped on the beach and had lunch before digging sandcastles, drawing, making pictures and going for a paddle! We popped our shoes and socks back on before getting back on the coach and heading back to school.


A huge thank you to all of the adults who helped and to the children too - you were brilliant and it was a complete pleasure to take you out of school! Below you can see a couple of the photos we took - more to follow!

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Today was French day! It was fun to see everyone dressed up! We learned some French words and names for things. We learned about French food, and tried some croissants and pan au chocolate and learned about the weather in France too. We looked at the Eiffel Tower and made our own versions out of Lego, Duplo and straws. We coloured in and cut out French flags to make bunting and had a go at painting our own Mona Lisa with water colours! We also learned the song 'Frere Jacques' so that we could sing it in assembly and even managed to sing it in a round!


In the afternoon we went to a whole school assembly and every year group shared what they had been doing during the day! Afterwards we had a playtime before getting ready to go home and listening to a story.

On Thursday we started with Super Sentences and we wrote about what we saw during our train ride to Minehead. Afterwards we came together to look through more of our photos from our trip! We chose our own activities with lots of us roleplaying about trains and chalking tracks on the patio! Some of us also went to do PE with Mrs David, who was in for Mr M. After play we had Read, Write Inc. before going to lunch.


In the afternoon we went to our classrooms to practise our songs one more time before we went to the hall for the singing competition! We all enjoyed listening and watching each of the houses sing their songs and also special guest star Mr Priestley singing 'Let It Go'! (He lost a bet about his football team and now you can watch his video in the Gallery section from the main page!). We had a quick playtime before going back to find out that Apache won for Key Stage 1 and Mohican won for Key Stage 2!



On Friday we started with Super Sentences and we wrote about photographs of our trip to Minehead! Afterwards we chose our own activities while the adults helped us to do Friday Feedback! After play we had Read, Write Inc. before going to lunch. In the afternoon pre-school came over to play for a while and after they helped us tidy up we got ready to go home before going to Singing Assembly with Mrs Weston and Mr Carter!

Louis - this is your 'cress head'! We'll take photos so that you can see it growing!

Louis - this is your 'cress head'! We'll take photos so that you can see it growing! 1
Louis - this is your 'cress head'! We'll take photos so that you can see it growing! 2

Louis - check out your cress-head! It's growing the fastest!

Louis - check out your cress-head! It's growing the fastest! 1