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Super Sentences!


Why not have a go at writing your Super Sentence at home? You could even draw a picture to go with it!



This week's (Beginning 11th May) Super Sentence is:

My seeds grew into _____. It was as big as _____. I cut it down and _____.

From now on we are trying to finish sentences with our own words and punctuation!


Previous Super Sentences:

I put a bean in _____. It ______ and _____ . It turned into _____.


I found an egg in _____. Inside there was _____. It had ______ and ______.



The dragon was ______. It had ______. It ate ______.



From the hill I saw ____.

My holiday was ______.

My Easter egg is ______.

Ace is a gerbil!

Did the little egg hatch?

The 3 bears had a shock.

The ram can run fast.

I put the big pants in the bin.

I had fish and chips.

The red fish can swim.

The dog is big and black.

(Thanks to Lennie-Ray for noticing the mistake in the sentence!)

The dog is big.