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Super Sentences

Super Sentences!


Every day, when we come into the classroom in the morning, we have Super Sentences! We all grab a whiteboard and a pen and have a go at writing the words or sentences. We must all have a go at the green words, should all try the orange words and could have a go at the red words for a real challenge! To begin with we are copying - giving us lots of time to focus on handwriting, capital letters, finger spaces and punctuation. Eventually we will move onto completing sentences with our own words/ideas!

This week's Super Sentence is:


The spaceman ______


Previous Super Sentences:


dog is big

The dog is big.


dog is big

The dog is big.

The dog is big and black.



the red fish

The red fish can swim.



fish and chips

I had fish and chips.


big pants

I put the big pants

I put the big pants in the bin.


the T-Rex was big

The T-Rex was big.

The T-Rex was big and ________


My dino is big!

My dino is big and red!

My dino is big and ________


the egg had a crack

The egg had a crack!

The egg had a crack and inside was a


The dinosaur was green!

The dinosaur was green and ____

It had _____


In the holidays I _____


The Evil Pea ______

Supertato _______

In the end _______


My seed grew into ________

It had _________

It was _______


In my holiday ______________


How are you feeling today?

I am feeling _______ and ______


What is the weather like today?


The alien _______