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Our School Values and Core Learning Skills

Our School Values


Our school values are respect, integrity, determination, creativity and pride!


This month our Value of the Month is determination. If your child has shown determination at home, please do come in and tell us so we can praise and celebrate in school!


Our Core Learning Skills


Every half term we have a learning skill that we look at across the school. You can find our Core Learning Skills on the 'Owl boards' in both classrooms.


This half-term we are concentrating on 'How do I feel about myself? How do other people feel?'.

  • How do I feel about myself?
    • I can say something that I am good at.
  • I know that I am different to other people and that is ok!
    • I can show an interest in others around me by noticing something different about them.
  • I know what I can do if someone makes me sad or angry.
    • I can identify when I need to seek help from others.
  • How am I feeling today? How are my friends feeling?
    • I can recognise a range of feelings and emotions in others.