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On-line parenting information (e-safety)

This page is going to be regularly updated by me, Mrs Doidge, with information and advice about Parenting in the Digital Age.  I have recently been accredited as a PitDA facilitator (Parents in the Digital Age) and understand that there is a need for more information to be shared about approaches to parenting online, top tips for keeping yourself E-Savvy and many other Digital Parenting Essentials.  I am also planning to organise another Online Parenting evening in the Summer term too and work with the Digi-leaders in Years 3-6 making the children in the school more E-Safety aware.  If there is anything you would like to know or have concerns about please feel free to come and see me in year 4 or message me on our school Facebook Account.


Children and Screen time Top Tips

Have you seen these Moshi Monsters Super Skills Cards? They are activity cards to help parents of under 10s start conversations with their children about their online activity.