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Emergency Weather Procedures 2018

In the event of severe weather conditions, the decision to close the school will be made by the Headteacher in conjunction with the Chair of Governors following discussions with members of the Senior Leadership Team and/or staff living locally.  This decision will be made by 7.15am.
If it is judged the school should close, we will need to inform a large number of people.   It is our intention to use the school texting service to do this.  We will text all parents on their mobile telephones as soon as possible once the decision has been made.  The school will attempt to ring parents who do not have a mobile telephone on their landline.  Please can we ask that you do not ring the school as our phone lines need to be kept as free as possible.
Parents can visit the school website to clarify the situation as this will be regularly updated.  We will also post on Facebook via the school page.  In addition, parents  can also obtain information about school closures from
Signs to indicate a school closure will be hung on the school gates.   
Should the school need to close early during the day, a message will be sent to parents via text and email requesting for children to be collected.  
In the event of SNOW OR SUBSTANTIAL ICE, access to the school will be through the FRONT GATES ONLY.  The other two gates will remain locked.  A walkway will be cleared from the main gate to the office and leading to the two main doors to the hall.  Pedestrians should only walk on the cleared areas.  Access to the school building will be through the hall for all children.