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Matilda and BFG

Summer 2   2017

Well, we have come to the last half term of Year 3! We have had an action packed year. We'd like to say a big thank you to the children and their families for all the hard work and support we've been given.

This half term we will be learning about a Geography themed topic: Can how we make Wellington a better place? We will be having a visit from Mr Pete Watts who was a town planner for Wellington and asking him how to plan and build a town.  We will also have fun planning our own eco-friendly school and town too.

In Maths we shall continue with our work on Measure and also keep going over the 4 operations and problem solving.

Swimming is on Monday's and PE with Mr Parsons is on Tuesday's.

In English we shall be focusing on Persuasive writing linked to our topic.


As ever if there are any problems or you'd like to have a chat please come in before or after school, make an appointment via the office or email at:


Many thanks for your continued support

Mrs Doidge and Mr Bettridge

Year 3 Maths Homework 5/5/17

BFG go to Wildside (22/3/17)

BFG go to Wildside (22/3/17) 1
BFG go to Wildside (22/3/17) 2
BFG go to Wildside (22/3/17) 3
BFG go to Wildside (22/3/17) 4
BFG go to Wildside (22/3/17) 5
BFG go to Wildside (22/3/17) 6
BFG go to Wildside (22/3/17) 7

Spring 2  2017

Welcome back to the second half of the Spring Term 2017.  We hope you had a lovely half term break and are well rested and looking forward to another exciting term.

Our theme is continuing with Guatemala where we shall be focusing on the History of the country and some Science themes linked to Volcanoes and Earth Quakes - forces, air resistance and Friction.  We are also hoping to go on a day visit to Wildside in Hemyock where we shall be carrying out various activities linked to the this space for more information.

Literacy will be centering around Myths/Legends and Instructional writing linked to dragons and other mythological creatures.

In Maths we will be continuing with the 4 operations and our times tables but also learning about Fractions.

Swimming with be on Mondays and a joint PE lesson with Mr Parsons will be on Tuesdays.


If there are any worries, questions you may have, please do come and see us before or after school or you can email the school or phone to make an appointment.

Mrs D and Mr B smiley

Spring Term 2017 - Maths fun with our school-made games linked to TIME!

Spring Term 2017 - Maths fun with our school-made games linked to TIME! 1
Spring Term 2017 - Maths fun with our school-made games linked to TIME! 2
Spring Term 2017 - Maths fun with our school-made games linked to TIME! 3
Spring Term 2017 - Maths fun with our school-made games linked to TIME! 4
Spring Term 2017 - Maths fun with our school-made games linked to TIME! 5

06 Tonight We Celebrate.wma

05 God's Messengers.wma

04 Baa, Baa, Bethlehem.wma

03 Star Song.wma

02 Wise Men Are We.wma

01 What A Commotion.wma

Year 3 Spellings Autumn 2 2016

Welcome back to the 2nd half of the Autumn Term....Bonfire night, Halloween and a count down to Christmas!

We'll be very busy this half term linking our Literacy to our topic which is Who were the greatest builders in History. We shall be studying The Stone Age, The Celts/Iron Age and The Egyptians.  

Swimming will be on Mondays and then both Year 3 classes will have Mr Parsons and Mr Bath for PE on a Tuesday morning. Please ensure they have the correct kit and maybe some leggings for the girls and tracksuit bottoms for the boys as the weather gets colder.

We shall be working hard to learn lines for songs and our Xmas play...more information coming soon.

As ever, please come in if you need to know help or support with anything.

Mr B and Mrs D :)

Look at our Dream Jars...very mystical!

Year 3's fantastic homework! October 2016

Fantastic Maths in BFG!

Fantastic Maths in BFG! 1
Fantastic Maths in BFG! 2
Fantastic Maths in BFG! 3
Fantastic Maths in BFG! 4
Fantastic Maths in BFG! 5
Fantastic Maths in BFG! 6

BFG's magnificent circuits 15/9/16

Today we were set challenges to make a circuit with a bulb, switch and a buzzer! 12/9/16

Welcome to Year 3!

September 2016

We hope you all had a fantastic summer and really enjoyed the sunshine.smiley It was really lovely to bump into some of you in Wellington and thank you for saying hello!

We have a busy half term ahead of us, so fasten your seat belts and let's get going!


Our theme for the first half term is: Bright Sparks.....we shall be finding out how electricity works, making our own circuits and even lighting up mini houses in Dream jars linked to the story of the BFG!  Our Literacy will link to this topic too.

PE for both classes is on Mondays and Tuesdays and we won't be swimming until after the October half term.  Mr Parsons and Mr Bath will be taking the children for their PE lessons.

We shall start our Maths off with Place Valve and then moving onto Number which is a big chunk of what we have to learn in Year 3.  Make sure you are practising your times tables!

We have a Roald Dahl week in the 2nd week of this half term and the children need to come dressed.. see newsletter for more details.

Spellings will be sent home the first week and we expect all the children to learn the number they have been set - this will be determined on their spelling ability.

Reading - we expect all the children in Year 3 to read at home at least 3 times - those who do will be rewarded and may even get Reader of the Week!

Homework - we shall set homework on a Friday and it will be linked to something we have looked at in class that week or it might be a project linked to our topic which requires the children to spend a longer period of time on it.


Please do either come into school before 8:55am or at the end of the day if you have anything you would like to discuss...we are both very approachable and will endeavour to help you and your child in any way we can.

Have a great half term


Fiona Doidge and Matt Bettridge