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Reading Buddies with Year 5

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Reading Buddies with Year 5 2
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Summer 2

Welcome back to the final term of Year 1!

Our topic this term is ‘Where could we go for a great day out?’ This has a strong focus on History and Geography.

In History we will be learning about the Great Exhibition, London and we will be hosting our very own ‘Year 1 Great Exhibition’.

In Geography we will be learning how to plan a day out and the children will work with us to decide where we should go on our end of term school trip. This also involves them working out – adults we will need, what to take and how we will travel there. It’s great fun to hear all the children’s suggestions of destinations!

In Maths we will be continuing to develop and further our learning of addition and subtraction through problem solving and reasoning. We will also be learning about measuring length, weight and capacity.

In English we will be continuing with Story bag sessions to improve the children’s narrative writing and continuing with Read Write Inc and guided reading sessions to improve the children’s reading and comprehension. The Phonics screening will taken place during the week commencing 12th June.


PE days for both classes will remain the same. Kipper’s: Monday and Tuesday. Jasper’s: Tuesday and Friday. However, please make sure that your child has their PE kit with them every day in case of any last minute changes.

Many thanks for all your support this year. We have had lots of fun.

Miss Thornicroft, Mrs Weston and Mrs Burton

Welcome back to the Summer Term!


Our topic this half term will be 'Why is Water Precious?'. This will be a mostly science based topic, looking at the importance of water for humans, animals and plants. We will also be beginning to look at life cycles and how to care for our environment. 


We are inching ever closer to the Phonics Screening in June and we will be sending home real and nonsense words more regularly with you children to practice as well as games you can play with them at home. 


PE days have changed again. Kipper will have PE on a Monday and Tuesday. Jasper will have PE on a Tuesday and a Friday. Please make sure that your child has the correct PE kit.

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4
World Book Day 5
World Book Day 6
World Book Day 7

Welcome to Spring 2!

This term we will be continuing with the topic 'Traditional Tales from around the world' and then we move on to 'Starry night' which is a creative topic. Year One will be learning all about Van Gogh and developing our painting and colour mixing skills.


In Maths we will be moving on to look at the more formal methods of addition and subtraction in line with the calculation policy which can be found on the main site. In English children will be using story bags for writing short narratives as well as using their knowledge of punctuation to edit sentences to ensure they have capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, question marks, exclamation marks etc. The children will also be learning about proper nouns, pro nouns, prefixes and suffixes as well as continuing to develop their joined handwriting. 



P.E days have changed slightly again. Jasper's will continue to have PE on a Monday and Friday. Kipper's will have PE on a Monday and Thursday. 

Welcome back to the Spring term!

We are a third of the way through Year 1 already! This term our topic is Traditional Tales from around the World. We will be looking at various stories, where they come from, and the features of traditional tales. 


This topic mostly focuses on Science and DT. The children will be having a closer look at materials, deciding which is best to make a puppet with and eventually designing their own puppet to go with a traditional tale.


This term will also see the Year 1 children moving gradually towards more structured working so that they are in line with how the rest of the school works.


In the mornings we will begin to move away from super sentences and instead focus on practicing the children's joined up writing. We will also be changing for PE on a Friday morning. We are still actively encouraging the children to be as independent as they can. We have been practising our independence and would love to show you how quickly we can put our things away and get changed! 


Parents evening will be held this half term w/b  6th February. Year 1 will also be holding a parent meeting on the Phonics testing that is held in June. Please look out for more details in the newsletter. 


Not only did we have an amazing morning at Courtfields, but we also had a visit from Father Christmas!! All the children were very excited to see him.


What a brilliant first week back we have had. The children are already excited about the new topic 'toys' and the Christmas nativity!


The topic of toys will mainly focus around History. We will explore the toys played with in the past and compare those to the toys played with now and also how the toys the children play with, change as they get older. The children will get to see lots of different toys and play games played in the past.


We have introduced the children to the term SPAG. This stands for spellings, punctuation and grammar. We will be having a dedicated SPAG lesson every day for 20-30 minutes. During this time the children will  get the opportunity to practice their spellings, explore the different types of punctuation and how to write sentences and improve them.


The children have all taken home a copy of the spellings for this half term. If your child has not brought one home then please let us know.


The Core Learning Skill for this half term is: Speaking and Listening and we have already begun working on what makes a great listener.


Over the next few weeks some of the children will be bringing home speaking parts for the Christmas Nativity which we are asking them to learn. A letter with details about costumes will also come home as soon as we have finalised what each character needs to wear.


Here's to a really fun half term.


The Year 1 team



Thank you so much to everyone who was able to come to our Stay and Play session this morning. We had a lovely time showing you our different phonic activities and the children really enjoyed having you in! 

30.9.16 Stay and Play

30.9.16 Stay and Play 1
30.9.16 Stay and Play 2
30.9.16 Stay and Play 3
30.9.16 Stay and Play 4
30.9.16 Stay and Play 5
30.9.16 Stay and Play 6
30.9.16 Stay and Play 7
30.9.16 Stay and Play 8
30.9.16 Stay and Play 9
30.9.16 Stay and Play 10
30.9.16 Stay and Play 11
30.9.16 Stay and Play 12
30.9.16 Stay and Play 13
30.9.16 Stay and Play 14
30.9.16 Stay and Play 15
30.9.16 Stay and Play 16
30.9.16 Stay and Play 17
30.9.16 Stay and Play 18
30.9.16 Stay and Play 19

Welcome to Year One!

We hope everyone enjoyed their first day back. This half term our topic is 'Hello I'm New Here'. In this topic we will be focusing on Geography and Science. Aliens Love Underpants will be our featured book and children will be helping the alien left behind to get to know the school and the local area.


RWI will begin when Mrs Weston has completed the assessments and children grouped accordingly.


In Numeracy we will be counting, reading and writing numbers in numerals and words, number bonds within 10 and naming 2D and 3D shapes.


PE will be on a Tuesday and a Friday for both classes.


Our Core Learning Skill this term is 'Knowing me, Knowing you'. This will focus on expressing feelings and recognising emotions in others.


We will be holding an introduction to Year One meeting on 13th September at 2.30pm in Jasper Class.